ToonBoom Harmony - ZBuffer feed

Hi people,

I’m trying to setup the zblur with toonboom, but found it hard to derrive the z-buffer from within toonboom.
Anybody has an idea of how to do that? I need the visualization of the z-depth in toonboom, so that I can feed it into this effect.

Best, Jesper Colding

Hi! We’re not expert Harmony users, but we don’t know if this is possible. Your only option may be to render the zbuffer output, then use that? (

Posting to a Toon Boom Harmony forum might get you a better answer.


Thanx for the info… unfortunately, the deph view, is only a viewer. There’s no way to actually render it out.

Best, Jesper

I don’t use harmony, but do a lot of 2D multiplane work in AE.
If you cant render out that depth data, and as a workaround, I would first try manually rendering each layer out and use adjustment layers in AE between each layer, or depending on the scene content, manually change the layers to flat colours for each element (if easy to do ) with various shades from B-W going from one distance extreme to the other, and then use depth blurs in conjunction with levels/curve adjustments to fine tune how much blur depth and other effects you wanted in post… but, as I say, that would be a couple of workaround possibilities, (the separate layers being my favourite as it allows a lot more control over all aspects I might want to add in post)