Tough 3d solve that won't work


i got a scene

  1. - YouTube

  2. - YouTube

  3. - YouTube

which was filmed in high ISO and low lights, so i fix it in DaVince Resolve, the result is in below.

before -

after -

i have done this to give more information for Mocha v4 be able to track the scene and make the 3d solve what i need.

Before I fixed up the scene in Resolve i had tried many times to get a 3d solve, but nothing i did works fine.

I have already tried to track which green frame carefully as possible respecting overlapping information to mocha works fine, i’ve tried to track the wall and the floor, so…i’ve been trying to workout this composition since the begin of the month, and nothing works fine. I watched videos in imagineer systems’ youtube channel and vimeo, i have studied as much as possible about mocha track before went here and i still didn’t figure out how to solve my problem.

The plan is, on all green frame in the scene are going to be some pictures so i do need the 3d solve. Is there anyone could help me?

Hi there,

So, to replace these pictures you don’t need a 3D solve, this is what mocha was made for (literally, the first major VFX hurdle we tried to tackle was Harry Potter picture frames).

So all you need to do here is track the plane of the wall and pictures, this is a series of planar tracks that need to be done but a single 3D solve isn’t necessary. I actually was planning on creating an adjust track and manual track video today and this footage is perfect for that task. Do you mind if I make a tutorial with these clips? Can you send me a higher rez version of these shots and I will walk you through with a video tutorial about the solve technique?

Hi Mary P,

thanks for your words and attention, look, i don’t mind give you these clips, as matter of fact i can’t. These clips aren’t my they come from a movie it hasn’t released yet and if i gives it you the director will kill me, you know ? i put those clips on the youtube in unlisted way just to figured out how can i workout my problem. Again, do thanks it will be funny see theses clips in Imagineer Systems’ channel.

Actually i think i need 3d sold and a series of planar tracks too, cuz i won’t just put some pictures, i said that just to be more comprehensible, the true is by the time i finishied these VFX i will have put these exemples below:

  1. - YouTube

2)- YouTube

which are 3d compositions made on after affects, it will jump out of the wall and that is the reason i guess i need the 3d solve, the parallax and the whole physics will give me the “magic“ what i want. There will be a lot of these exemples i gave you jumping out of the wall, there is a kind of clímax in these point of story. I’ve been working a lot in it and i still have work to do.

what is your opinion, should i do planar track or both ?


Oh, ah well, then I won’t use them. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

OK, so if you do need a 3D solve (I can’t see your reference videos, they’re private), you might not be able to use mocha. You need two non-coplanar planes to track something in 3D in mocha, and only one of those shots has enough parallax throughout the shot for you to get that information from. You might try AE’s camera tracker, or synthEyes or Boujou, or Nuke’s Camera Tracker, they track differently than we do.

For example, this shot only has the wall of pictures: - YouTube
That’s only one plane, even though its a lot of frames, they’re all on the same wall. Do you see what I mean?