Trace function (like in AE) in Silhouette?


I would like to know if I can extract a path from a alpha mask in Silhoutte (like the trace function in AfterEffects).

And here is why I need it:

I like to roto some quite complicated shots. I rotoscoped it with the AI tool Greenscreen from runawayml (Green Screen | Runway), but what I get is an alpha mask.

This mask is not always precise but it would be a huge time saver if I could refine it in Silhouette. So I put the mask into AfterEffects and traced it to get a mask path.

Unfortunately I get a error message when I try to export the shape to an .sxf file for Silhouette (5027 $ 12).

error message

If I can extract the shape from the alpha mask directly in Silhouette I guess I could refine the shape without the AfterEffects workaround. Is there such a trace function in Silhouette? Could you point me there?

If not, do you have any ideas how I can use runawayml for machine learning rotoscoping and Silhouette for refinement?



Silhouette does not have a trace feature. In addition, Silhouette does not support shapes with variable vertex counts.

In the After Effects > General Preferences, make sure Preserve Constant Vertex Count is enabled. This will force your AE shapes to have the same amount of points and will then import into Silhouette. However, the shape will have keyframes on every frame and this will be quite difficult to edit.

When Silhouette 2021 comes out, which is soon, there is a new Weighted MultiFrame feature that allows you to vary the amount of an adjustment over multiple keyframes. This is useful for adjusting shapes with keyframes on every frame.

The question is whether or not it would be faster to just start from scratch in Silhouette using traditional tracking and shape editing techniques as opposed to trying to edit a shape with lots of points that has keyframes on every frame.

Thank you very much for replying, Marco!

The Preserve Constant Vertex Count was already enabled. Is there anything else I can try to make the export tool to accept that mask?

Thank you!

If you are receiving the error below, it is because the shape has a variable amount of points from keyframe to keyframe. It is possible that the After Effects Trace function ignores the preference.
error message
The problem with these AI solutions is that there is no way to edit them and even if they had an export spline solution, they would have tons of points on the shape and lots of keyframes.