Track 5 min clip filmed from helicopter to animate route of tunnel

New to Mocha and relatively new to After Effects.

I have a 5 min long 4K clip filmed from an helicopter approaching and flying over a city. My client wants me to animate the route of a tunnel that is being drilled under the city. The route is relatively straight but there are 7 points along the route where there is a smaller bend or vertical ventilation shafts. The animation will only be a wide line/stroke and I would like it to be in perspective (wider closer to the camera and narrow close to the horizon).

(In short: I need to create 7 null objects (“3D”/XYZ) along the route, which are in the same coordinate system and they have to exist during the entire clip.)

I started with Camera Tracking in AE, created null objects at 3 of the 7 points and connected the nulls with ConnecLayersPRO. It’s been working great and just as I want it, see attached screen shot (ignore the green plate). However, the Camera Tracking does not want to track more than roughly 1:45 min out of 5. It takes forever and always ends up in nothing. If the Camera Tracking would work for the entire clip I would be happy and the project finished.

I’ve tried to split clip in shorter sections, but the problem is that the 3-4 of the 7 points are visible during the entire flight so I can’t see a way to split the clip. Also, the nulls that I’m connecting with the lines/strokes need to be in sort of the same coordinate system in order for them to appear in perspective (“3D”).

Is it possible to track a 5 min 4K clip in Mocha?
What would be the best workflow for this?
I would need “XYZ-nulls” from 7 positions along the route.

I would be super grateful for any advice pushing me in the right direction!

Well. I would think about breaking this up into a few nulls and just connecting those as you did the original. You ONLY need to track the nulls/points where you can see them, which can’t possibly be the whole length of the shot. You can do this in Mocha. Track from the end of the shot to the beginning, it will work better, and track translation, scale, and rotation only. You can trim your null layers where you no longer need them but make sure they’re all on separate layers. Place your surface tool center where you need your nulls. Can you try that and let me know?