Track aeroplane and replace body text

From time 0:25

Can you make tutorial how you go around tracking this.
I am requesting mocha team to make tutorial based on this video. I will download the video my self.

Please mary make one. Just one.

Everybody has there own ways of doing it but you guys are pro at this so please make one.

I want to see how you will bend the image or custom text on body.

The body frame is rounded like a cone type shape so how do you bend layer to fit it on that plane body so it looks like it’s really on it.

Please guys one video

I really don’t have time for a custom video in the next two weeks but I can tell you to track as close to the middle as possible, use adjust track if you can’t find enough details, and track the entire side if that doesn’t get you good results. Correct any drift with adjust track.

To put a logo on here, try using the insert module with the grid warp tool. That should do it.

I also have a few videos on putting logos on curved surfaces. Not airplanes, but a coke bottle. Try this video. Boris FX | Track and Replace Logos on Curved Surfaces

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