Track and render quick, slooowww render in Premiere

I have a pretty beefy machine: i7-6950X & 2x TitanX(Pascal).

Using Mocha Pro plugin inside Premiere 2017.1 with DNXHD Quicktime media.

I can add the Mocha pro plugin to a clip and open mocha no problem. I can track quickly and I can render a remove pretty quick too - several frames a second (beefy CPU).

However, when I am happy with remove (and its rendered inside mocha) I save and go back to premiere. I switch on the render checkbox for the remove on the effect settings and I have to render inside premiere (which is expected) but the render is really really slow. 5-10secs per frame. This is not expected since Mocha was able to render it much faster when inside the Mocha interface. Am I doing something wrong?



There will be a slightly longer delay rendering back to the host. It’s recommended for any heavy renders you render the effect in to out first to preview.
There are a few optimisation techniques you can do to help:

Am I right in saying that mocha does not pass its rendered frames back to the host?

If you have completed a remove in mocha and rendered all the frames in the remove module, then mocha is rendering the remove again when premiere renders the shot? In this case it would be faster to export a render from Mocha and import it into the host rather than render the clip in the host.


Correct. The remove doesn’t need to be rendered in the mocha GUI at all. If anything changes in the source footage back in Premiere (proxy, nested effects, etc), we rerender anyway.

You may also be interested in this remove technique I just released yesterday:
It should greatly speed up your render time.