Track and Stabilize issue

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to stabilize this following shot.

  1. I tracked the Triangle Shaped Banner of the Shop in Layer 1. Was going to use that to stabilize my shot.
  2. But a truck passes over the Banner. Si, I added an FG Matte on a new Layer 2 and manually tracked the truck that passes by around 0:15. Which is supposed to exclude it’s effect on the layer below(Layer1), right?
  3. But the truck passing through throws off my Layer 1 and fails the tracking.
  4. I’m on Mocha Pro 7.0.2/Premiere Pro/ Windows 10

Any idea what I’m doing wrong. Or is there a better workflow to stabilize this shot. All thoughts and help is appreciated.

Thank you!

Draw holdout masks on all the cars and trucks and move them to the layer above your stabilize track. Then increase the size of your stabilize track to basically get the roofline and sky in a big shape together and use translation, scale, and rotation only and see if it gets you through this. Also, you might simply have to use translation only for the worst bits OR manual track.

Ok I’ll try that and get back to you. Thank you!

Thank you!

Even though it didn’t completely Stabilize the movement, your Workflow gave a way better track than before. The Stabilization was almost close to being 100%.


Glad that helped!