Track computer that goes off screen, on screen and back off


I recently started using Mocha AE for a larger screen replacement project i’m working on.I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials and found Mocha pretty straight forward to use so far.

However I’m faced with some difficulties at the moment which I don’t know how to handle properly: I working on a scene, where the camera pans onto a computer screen, pans somewhere else and then back onto the screen.

I’m able to properly track the screen when it first appears but when it goes off screen and then comes back on screen the tracking is totally messed up. I’ve watched the tutorial “Webinar: Tracking Screens with Mocha” where it says to grab areas that are on the same level as the screen e.g the wall but that doesn’t seem to be working properly in my case.


Hi Janik,

Just split it into two sections and blend them together where they go offscreen.

1 track for where it goes offscreen and 1 more where it comes back on, two layers in your host software. You don’t have to have one long seamless track. Unless you always see part of the screen. In which case, use manual track to make a keyframe where the track starts to go offscreen and another where it reappears and then track into the part where it hops offscreen from either side of the timeline. You can keep using manual track to adjust any problem areas.

Try that and let me know!


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That’s solved another part of my understanding working in Vegas Pro.