Track is good and solid on a stable area of a scene but in after efftects

in after effects once i paste the tracking data to null and attach a image to null , the track seems to either shake or be noticable rather then staying still .

what am i missing ? or maybe doing wrong ?.


its a simple step am doing , tracking a object then copy the track data to after effects null and pointing image to null.

I’ll ask the usual culprits first to make sure you have not missed something:

  1. If you have a mocha version older than V4, check to make sure you haven’t got the anchor keys still pasted to the transform data.
  2. Make sure your frame rate in mocha and AE match
  3. Make sure your Pixel Aspect Ratio in mocha and AE match
  4. Make sure you have pasted to the start of the timeline

i will make a video so you can se the whole video and then tell me what it is am doing wrong on i will upload it on youtube cheers. martin.

1: i have both versions and yes the ancor keys are their.

2:i will need to double check on that now and do everything again and se how this goes , normally in after effects i just drop the video into the project area and drag video to comp it automaticly creates all the video aspect ratio for me.

3: il double check on them again.

4: always do that fine.

here is the video


please do check the image i add it shakes

I have also had the same issues, a great track in Mocha, nice and solid

then a ‘wobble’ in AE.

I am using CS6 - I wondered if this had anything to do with it?


exactly buddy what is wrong were does the problem lies ?

Okay a couple of things:

  1. Don’t paste the corner pin data to a null, that won’t work. Pasting transform export data works because you’re only dealing with scale, position and rotation, but corner pin data has both the corner pin effect and motion data from the layer, so you need to paste it directly to your insert

  2. There are two way to insert a layer that is smaller than the composition dimensions using corner pin data and both involve a precomp.

See the manual here for a full explanation of pasting data to AE for corner pins:
Boris FX | Documentation and look up the section titled “Applying Corner Pin for Layers with different dimensions”.

Also, there is some definite wobble going on in your track in mocha, so try expanding the shape to cover a larger portion of the side of the plane and track again.