"Track one frame forward/backward" buttons don't work for me

I can mocha planar track by pressing the play button… but would rather step through because there is a lot going on.
Any Idea what could stop the single frame tracking buttons from working?

The track forward one frame icon is working for me. What Silhouette version are you using?


Ok, I am testing with the same version. Can you provide a set of steps in case I am doing something different?

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-Typically I’m using roto node.
-I’m using the circle mask with 4 points by default (my setting)
-I outline say, a fingertip, I track (mocha tracker option- pos/rot/scale/skew) forward for a while, then stop and adjust the mask points… at some point the little single-frame-increment-track buttons become unresponsive.
-The Track forward/backward still works but i get nothing from the buttons.

I’m going to test it now and perhaps upload the project if I can break it again like this.

I just followed my own steps and it broke immediately. :open_mouth:
I will DM you a download link if you’d like to see the project/media.

Thanks Marco,

Thanks for the project. The track forward one frame is not doing anything for me either. We’ll take a look.

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Hi, I can only track using the Track Forward button in Mocha & Planer Tracker, not Track Forward one frame, ProRes 422 or MP4 AVC, Translation only & doesn’t matter if I’ve adjusted points or not.
In the Point Tracker I can Track Forward but also Track Forward one frame

Edit - I restarted Silhouette, I had to recreate the simple project, Video - Roto - Outlet,
Track Forward one frame worked with Mocha Tracker :+1: Track Forward to halfway point, Track Forward one frame won’t work anymore

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