Track/remove FIXED titles on a video layer with camera moving ?! :D

Hi, how can I track/remove FIXED titles upon the video layer?

It depends on what’s under it. Are the backgrounds under the titles complex?

here’s the clip,
i just wanna know if it’s doable? should I even try? anyone on planet earth can remove it? :smiley:

Yeah, I’d try a remove on this since it is mostly planar but the parallax might give you a problem. That said, you might get away with it due to blur.

To remove, in Mocha Pro:

  1. Track and roto the Titles
  2. Track the Background underneath the titles and make sure the shape covers the entire area the titles move over. Make sure the track looks rock solid on this layer.
  3. Click the Titles layer and click the Remove Tab.
  4. Render forwards with default settings and see what you get. You can refine remove settings to make this faster, but I’d render a frame at the beginning and at the end and see what you get before troubleshooting for speed.

Make sure you have enough of the basics of Mocha tracking before trying a Remove, it’s pretty difficult to get right if you aren’t already comfortable with the software.

Try that and let me know,