Track & roto issues going to FCP

Hi Folks, just started trying to use mocha but Im running into issues.
First of all I have a object tracked, and when I “insert clip” and chose the logo to test it out in Mocha it looks great and tracks exactly as I want it to. However, when I go to FCP and paste attributes onto the graphic that I actually want to use it is erratic and not even aligned correctly at any point. what am I doing wrong?
Another issue is that I have a layer which I have set above the other layers to avoid tracking within that zone, but I also want to use that layer to export shape data for FCP, but when I import the xml into FCP and bring it into the timeline it doesnt mask anything, when I open the file in viewer its just a transparent file with no tracked info in it that I can see.
What steps could I be missing?
I appreciate the help with this because it seems mocha is such a great tracking tool but Im just not getting it right this time, I tried the same thing in another section of video and it worked great except the roto mask didnt work I had to do it frame by frame in FCP.

Hi Martin, yeah I asked on twitter (sorry for not replying sooner im not being unappreciative I was just in the third world for a while)
I checked my settings and everything is 1280x720 29.97 fps and I nest it just to be sure and its still not working right…are you talking about making sure my graphic is 1280x720? because I tried nesting that as well and using align surface and basically it just sits there full frame with no rotation or anything, I dont really understand how to use the align surface because I thought that planar surface was supposed to relay all of the rotational data to my graphic?

so I figured it out. my frame offset in FCP was set to 4 and I just set it to 0 and it worked perfectly after I nested the graphic.
thank you so much for your help! I love Mocha.

Glad to know you got going again! :slight_smile:

Hi, did you ask this question recently on twitter?
Frame rates and aspect ratio interpretation can differ between FCP and Mocha. Check to see if these are both the same in each application.
Secondly, if you are using a distort/corner pin in FCP your footage has to be the same dimensions. If it isn’t, you can nest the clip in FCP and use Align Surface in mocha to make sure it locks to the right area.