Track smoothing in Mocha AE Plug-in 2019

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to smooth the tracks in Mocha AE?

I realize that Mocha has a “Smoothing Level” which according to the manual actually means:

“This value blurs the input clip before it is tracked. This can be useful when there is a lot of severe noise in the clip. It is left at zero by default.”

I’m not looking for a pre-blur I’m looking for track smoothing similar to what would be found in Nuke, Silhouette, Syntheyes, Pftrack, or Mistika where the errant tracking data is removed or mitigated. If there is some way to access the track data in the form of a spline curve or even see the track values I could manually remove the stray points like I would in Fusion, Davinci Resolve, or other programs without track smoothing.

Either way would be great, manually deleting off keyframes one at a time is just too slow for most shots.

You can do this with the data back in AE but not within Mocha. However, this is a feature request we have seen before and it would be great to implement. Let me tag @martinb so we can log it.

You can view your track with a trail of tracking data and delete keys manually in Mocha, but you’ll have an easier time with it in AE once exported.

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