Track thin, reflective TV screen in Mocha AE

Hi all,

I’m having a really hard time tracking a TV screen in Mocha AE. The screen is reflective and really thin, so is the the frame - that is what makes it really difficult to track.

I’m familiar with the technique of tracking reflective surfaces like this one in general (don’t track the whole screen but rather frame and other parts) but somehow it’s not really working for this one.

My initial approach was to put shapes around the frame of the TV and the bottom speaker. Min % Pixels Used is set to 90% and Translation, Scale, Rotation, Sheer and Perspective are all checked. However the shape keeps moving off the plannar.

I also tried to draw different shapes, settings etc (also the TV stand at the top) but the shapes keep going off. The overall shot is a camera move towards the screen and pan to the left so the screen goes off screen then.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Thanks, Janik

Have you tried just tracking the soundbar on the bottom? Since the two objects are co-planer I imagine you might be able to setup the shape to track the soundbar but have your surface on the tv and still be able to perform an insert. I would also try making the shape just a little bit bigger than the soundbar, not big enough to confuse mocha but enough to make sure you have those high contrast edge pixels inside the shape.

Give yourself a little more data. Add in pixels outside the edge of the screen, inside the screen a little bit, and definitely use the sound bar as suggested above and it should hang on much better. If you’re zooming a bunch (it looks like you are), increase your zoom value to get a better track with a larger search area.