Track Water! Yeah yeah Water!

Hello my fellows to tracking!
Im trying to see if there is any way to track water.

In order to put on it image/boat or whatever…
For that, i used a footage from Mocha Essential Course.

Is that even possible? or i live in illusion and need to go to see a doctor?

In the attached you can see my attempts, 3d tracker of After Effect seems to do kind of work but not satisfied at all.

Tried the same with Mocha but nope…but niether do Mocha had not help…

i read this thread before trying but it didnt help:
(Tracking aerial shot over water. I know)

Here is MY Attempts:

Try tracking everything around the water that isn’t water, like the lines on the spillways, everything at water level that isn’t water, etc. That should get you there and you can adjust track the rest.

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