Tracked data applying nothing


First time using Mocha properly, so no doubt this is my fault somewhere along the line.

I’m trying to track a phone screen through Mocha, using what I assume is the norm of x-spline and planar surface tools, with a bit of AdjustTrack stuff along the way. This part seems to work fine, as you can see from my video.

What doesn’t, is when I head back in to After Effects and try to apply this tracking data to a composition, containing a phone screen image. It doesn’t seem to bring anything through into the effects panel or once I apply a corner pin effect to the target layer.


Have a look at what I’m doing here – Dropbox - Error

I’m using After Effects CC 2019 and therefore the new Mocha plugin.


Well, I’ve worked it out. The answer is pretty annoying, but relieving.

I hadn’t checked this little processing cog next to the layer created in Mocha (which I didn’t know was there), when selecting the track:

Hopefully this helps someone in the same position one day!

Hi there,

Yes, this is correct, and we realize this is also annoying. We are working on a more straightforward solution, as you are not the only person hung up by this. That suggests a confusing workflow issue on our end that we need to examine.


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This has been very frustrating, to say the least. I have had to keep my older copy of After Effects just for this.