Tracking 3D walk and compositing videos on top

Hello friends!

I’m looking for the most effective & efficient way to implement this:

  1. Video footage walking forward down a path in the woods (mostly smooth footage)
  2. Composite on top of that videos “popping up” along the path (or being on the side of the path) which follow the motion as the camera moves forward down the path (new videos popping up in the distance and old ones moving out of frame)

If #1 was 100% smooth motion this would be easier and I’d manually track, but because of the bumpy motion, to sell the effect I need the “pop up videos” to bump along as the camera moves too.

My NLE is Vegas Pro 17, and I own Continuum.

Would this be best served via BORIS tools? If so, can I use Continuum to make this work or do I need to purchase Mocha. What would be the recommended workflow?

Or if there are Vegas users on this forum, could this best be served using native Vegas 3d composite modes and some level of tracking either in Vegas or in combination with Mocha or continuum tracking somehow?

Thanks in advance for any insights!
:slight_smile: Rob

I’m thinking either corner pin and using mocha to track – with LOTS of instances since I’ll have many photos? Or another way to insert the photos in the 3d world with a camera movement which follows the track of the walk down the path. Possibly splitting into multiple sub-clips since the path winds about occasionally.

So – is this something Continuum can handle OK, or something I really need Mocha for? I haven’t used Mocha stand-alone so I really don’t know what’s best.


Enthusiastic Boris user here, also long time VP user.

Have you looked at the VP tutorial here ? Boris FX | BCC Corner Pin Studio

I can imagine that you can do this with Continuum and VP though you’ll likely end up with a track for every popup because of the way compositing has to happen with VP

If I understand correctly, a lot of these kinds of “graphics tracking to camera motion” shots are done in 2D – as you really want the text to follow the x,y motion, and scale but stay flat in perspective to the camera. You might not need full 3D tracking. This could be done in Continuum’s Corner Pin Studio with Mocha driven 2D planar tracks.

If you are looking for full 3D camera tracking or depth of field, Mocha pro does have a 3D Camera Solver module, but sorry to say there is not a clear path to comp this in Vegas Pro. Mocha Pro can export the 3D camera as an FBX file, but I do not believe that Vegas Pro can import this format.

For simple tracking graphics to follow the general x,y, scale, rotation and perspective, I would first see if you can do what you are looking to do with Corner Pin Studio and an imported graphic with alpha. Hope this helps.

It’s been a little bit but I had great success replacing a sign once with corner pin… this obviously is a different application.

With sometimes over 20 “pop up photos” on the screen at once, that would require 20 corner-pin instances added to the single video… sound right? I’m anticipating horribly sluggish performance both editing and rendering if this is the case.

Any tips I should consider going this route?