Tracking 59.94

Re-stating a previous post in hopes of new love…
I’m trying to do a Remove in 1080i/59.94. I have no problem doing Inserts but the Remove module leaves every other field not tracked in properly. My clip was imported from Symphony as 59.94 (not 29.97) with Separate Fields set to Upper Field first.
The track seems rock solid, and Inserts work great. It’s just the Remove that’s not so useable (and I could really use the lighting interpolation in that Remove module).
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Mocha Pro Version 2.6.1 build 4014.

Yes, I have Track Individual Fields checked. As I said, the track seems perfect, as is any Insert I try. I just can’t get the patch of the remove to track properly on the lower fields.

Hi there,
Are you tracking both fields?