Tracking a blur person

Hey! the whole question is in the video :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

It looks like track drift. The first thing to always check is that the AE comp and the source file are all the same frame rate and pixel aspect.

Another thing to check is in Mocha, when you display the Surface tool, does it look like it is tracked properly? You could align the surface directly on the woman you are trying to remove and does it stay locked on? If not the issue is the track.

It sounds like you are “aligning the surface properly” with the full frame and applying on the first fram of your comp. If you selected the corner pin in AE, does this match the Mocha surface?

Maybe this video could help: Top 6 Mocha Problems in Adobe After Effects [Track Data Mistakes] - YouTube

Good luck!

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Yap everything is Good…unfortunately i still cant figure out a way to make it