Tracking a bouncing basketball

I’ve been tasked with trying to remove a logo from a bouncing basketball and its proving to be extremely difficult. The ball rotates slightly which makes planar tracking very tricky, is it possible to get a good track on a spherical object to then remove an object (logo) from the front? The lighting and deformation of the ball when it hits the floor is throwing the track off. I’ve tried tracking just the logo, the whole ball, a small part of the logo etc etc but nothing has worked very well.

Hi there,

You’re more likely to be able to replace this with the insert instead of the remove, with insert you can use the grid warp to replace the logo but you can’t really track a curved surface. What you can do is track the flattest part of the curved surface and compensate for the rest of the curve with the grid warp tool.

Can you try that and let me know?