Tracking a cylinder without label... impossible mission?


I have a sequence in which a person takes a glass jar , examines and puts it on the table ( how you send a screenshot ? )

I want to track that pot to add a label on it.

Only … all constraints are present : (((

-The pot has no label (and it is filled with a uniform brown liquid)

  • The pot moves slowly but in all XYZ axes

  • There are reflections that keep coming because of the displacement of the pot


So I have no references to lean on for tracking …


So, mission impossible?


Thank you so much for your help

We would need to see the clip I think. This sounds very specific, so may need our eye on it to give suggestions of possible locations to track over time.

You can send an email here to show me an example: martinb[at]

Hi Martin,

I’ve just send you the link with the clip.

Thank you