Tracking A Difficult Shot with Power Mesh

Looking to track some fabric with power mesh, but really struggling as the shot is difficult. Poor lighting, no tracking markers/clear track points, and a fabric that moves a LOT.

I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to help get this track done. Tips/tricks etc. Haven’t been able to get anything usable so far.


It’s going to help to see the shot as these things are highly subjective, but here are general tips:

  • In some instances reducing the contrast in the shot can actually help as it removes any extraneous items throwing out the track.
  • Try ramping up the smoothness significantly, to about 70-80. This can help get the overall movement of the fabric
  • Moving shadows and lighting will be noticed by the mesh part of the track, so if they are much more prominent than the overall movement in the fabric, try masking them out.
  • If the fabric folds in on itself, the following mesh may not recover and you’ll have to manually adjust it.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick response and tips. How can I submit the shot to you?

If you can upload the clip to a shared drive service (like Google Drive) and email both Martin and me, we’re happy to take a look:
RossS (AT) BorisFX (.COM)
MartinB (AT) BorisFX (.COM)