Tracking a Forehead using Powermesh

I am using Mocha Pro Version 8.0.2 build 95.g5f0e592f5c34 Windows 10.

I have a kinda weird question, and I thought I seen one of your videos on Youtube answering this, but I cannot find it again so I thought I would ask here because you guys and gals are amazing.

I am trying to put some text onto a persons forehead. I tried different variations of using powermesh, but the there is some blur and some small light change in the shot and the track goes wonky.
What I thought I could do is create a x-spline around the outer edge of the forehead and track that to the end, frame by frame, and it worked fine. Then I tried to make a track on the inside of the forehead with mesh and link that track to the outer track to follow it in the dropdown, but when I go to track it, it doesn’t work and it just stays in one spot. Not sure if this makes sense or if this is even possible. I am sure I seen a video about this on your Youtube channel, but just not sure where. Hopefully you can help.


Hi Gord,

We can’t link the spline to a PowerMesh layer yet. Make the spline on the same layer once the track is complete if you want it to move with the PowerMesh layer and remove the old spline. Or simply use Uberkey to move the spline where you want it.

However, the spline won’t correct your PowerMesh track, you will have to correct the mesh with hand animation or remove points that don’t work properly to get a rock solid PowerMesh track before the spline moves properly with the track.

If you have any more questions I am happy to help,

Sorry for late response. Will give that a try when I get Mocha back up and running again. It crashed and I have to reinstall. Whenever I open it, it just freezes and won’t open.

When did that start happening?

When I was doing this project, couple days ago

OK, did anything change with your setup? Did you update software? Any system updates? What changed between your previous use and now?

No software updates or system updates. Not sure what happened. Just gonna delete it and reinstall it and then give it another try. Will let you know how it goes.

OK, are you sure there wasn’t an auto-update you might have missed? Let me know.

Just looking back on machine, looks like AE updated during that time.

So I uninstalled Mocha Pro, rebooted machine, reinstalled and everything, as the kids say, hunky dory. I don’t think the kids are saying that, but I am old so…
Thanks for your help.

Oh that’s very strange, and I am glad that fixed it. We might have to keep an eye on whatever this is because I have seen a few people reporting similar crashes.