Tracking a moving car question

I have a few shots I need tracked for a commercial i’m finishing, and I’m having difficulty getting the results I need. Shot set up is this: Shooting 4K on a GH4, camera is mounted via 3 positioned car mounts to the camera car, I’m shooting a vehicle following the camera car, maintaining reasonable consistent distance.

I want to “Lock” down the front of the car as motionless as possible… similar to some of the Kia shots being used in their commercials. When I pull a track from around the grille, it gets there about 90% but there is still motion and not locked down. Obviously shooting 4K I have more than enough room for the HD spot… but how can I get to that “Perfectly Still” look I need?

You might need to use adjust track to make the lockdown perfect.

However, if there are image artifacts like motion blur in the front grill, while you can lock that down, the moition blur will pulse because it’s a totally different image.


If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help you.