Tracking a Picture in the moving handy!

Hey Guys,

i track a Picture in the Moving Handy Display!
and now how can i render the new Moving display picture in the standalone Version?
or how can i say now Final Cut the Tracking data?

Because i cant render the final Video on the Mocha pro! its really stupid

You can use the insert module to render final video in Mocha Pro, then export the rendered clip. What is the issue you are encountering with the render?

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do you have a Tutorial Video? I cant nothing find :frowning:

Yes i use the insert Modul ! but i cant render my finish Video by Mocha pro!

You can export rendered clips out of Mocha Pro standalone OR plugin:
File>Export Rendered Clip

For FCP data support, Mocha Pro does not export tracking data to FCPX but there is a Motion transform and corner pin export option found in Export Tracking data menu.

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i love these tracking program! But for realy simple rendering is these program realy really bAD !!!

could you make me a video how i can do these please?

After you render in the Insert Module:
Go to File>Export Rendered Clip

Then choose the Insert Composite.
Choose Quicktime.
Choose your Output location.
Then you will get a dialogue to choose the QT codec options.

cool but i dont get first the picture as original mp4 File and the second thing is, how can i get the Tracking data to track the Picture on final cut?

Why i cant render the Video??? I dont understand! this is the simplyest way!

It sounds like you’re trying to render an .MP4 instead of a .MOV, and that’s going to be the issue. We can’t render MP4s. Boris FX | Mocha® 2022 User Guide

Try rendering a .MOV file and let us know if you encounter any issues with that. You have to render your timeline inside of Mocha first, and once the render is complete, you can export the render with the workflow Ross mentioned above. I think this might be what is tripping you up.

ok now i have a MOV File in the Window!

  1. I track a point, then i render the Frames and then i go to the Render Clip…but here i cant see only the Clip: Matte for Layer! Not my MOV File!


Export Rendered Clip is what you want, not Export Rendered Matte.