Tracking a road

I confess I hardly ever use Mocha, but I believe that’s about to change. I’m trying to add text to a road. The shot is from the perspective of the driver of the car. The car is driving slowly down a road. There are bumps in the road and very slight curves in the road.
How do put text in the road? Should I track one of the dashed lines in the road, and then track another line, and another, etc, etc?
The hood of the car may be in the shot (depending on which shot the client prefers). I think I’ll be able to figure out how to track a mask layer for that problem.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

Here’s a link to the video I’m trying to track.

I’ve tried a number of different things with Mocha, but I’m still not getting any closer to making this work.
I’m trying to add text to the road.

Thanks Mary. I’ve been watching tutorials for hours now. I’m starting to get a pretty good feel for Mocha.
I tried your suggestions. I tried them again and again, making many slight modifications. The first attempt was great until frame 9 of this 715 frame video.
Do you have any other tips for me? I’m at a loss.

I just did a test on your footage. Tracking from the last frame works better and I ended up drawing two shapes. One at the front of the road and then ADDING to the x spline layer with the add to x spline tool and tracking the mid-ground of the road. I feel like that got me pretty good results.

The best way to handle this shot is to track a large section of the road in the front. To do that:

  1. On frame one, draw an x-spline around the area to track, in this case, try the whole front section of the road.
  2. In “link to track,” in the the layer properties menu, link to “none.” This will unlink the layer from the track.
  3. Turn your surface and grid tools on (at the top of the view screen).
  4. Align your surface tool to the ground plane roughly.
  5. Track forward. The x-spline will read the data going underneath it for the track. You can watch how the grid moves to tell if your track is tracking correctly.
    Try that and see if it works!