Tracking a textureless object with Mocha Pro

Hi and Hello to all,
Is it possible to get a usable track from a completely textureless ( blown highlighted ) surface in Mocha Pro?

That depends:

  1. Are there any edges nearby?
  2. Are there any co-planar objects?

Can you show us a frame of the footage?


Yes, and yes. But!

allow me to explain please. The clip is a digitized old 8mm film from Pre WWII era. Literally on the subject of Men ( boys ) rushing to get battle ready. Here are the parameters one must consider about this footage:

  • Film is old and mechanically damaged.

  • We cannot crop anything out for archival purposes. Camera operators didn’t have steady hands even if they had tried ( I guess they couldn’t shoot rifles with those hands either, so they got the camera to shoot with instead ). We have to keep the " original camera shakes and movements " in for the sake of maximum usable image that makes historians happy.

  • The original frame shape ( camera gate ) varies as these films had been made through many cameras. So, the shape of the main frame varies often.

  • The scanning gate was expanded to expose as much as possible of the image and also to capture the perforations as the only standard for stabilizing the digitized footage . I believe those perforations are the only constant standards we have to use for tracking purposes in Mocha Pro. That said the perforations almost never land in the same place on the frames, they vary as the result of relax 1940s manufacturing standards, amateur splices and repairs, etc. Also the images of perforations inherently are textureless.

I attached two sequential captured frames from a panning scene ( resized from UHD captures in Cinema DNG ). The perforations on these two frames just happened to be perfectly aligned but that doesn’t happen often.

0349 0350

I would try simply tracking the whole edge and seeing what it grabs. Try using only translation too.