Tracking advice needed

Hi, I’m having a little trouble getting a solid track for something I want to corner pin an animation to.
I’ve only done a handful of tracks, so I’m looking for some advice and tips to get me on my way with my relative inexperience in this area.
Here is the 21 second clip: Sage track test for mocha - YouTube
I want to place an animation on the lid to the computer, which is in front of my moving actress, and partially obscured by the vase on the table. The shot tilts up, then slides sideways.
Questions I have:

  1. Should the 2 camera moves be tracked separately?
  2. Is the black computer too solid to track well?
  3. Is the actor’s movement throwing things off?
  4. Should I be tracking other objects to link to?
    So any suggestions would be welcome. Just trying to track the computer is giving a track shifting almost continuously. I’m sure there is a way to do this by knowing the right areas to track, with the right amount of tracks, and possibly linking tracks together? I just haven’t tackled one like this yet.
    Thanks, Sean

Try locking onto the front, bottom left area of the couch and see if that gives you better results. It’s moving pretty similar. Just align your surface on the back of the screen and see if it moves correctly.
You might check perspective on too. If you’re still having problem, try using adjust track.

You can track places relative to the plane you are trying to track, and those two objects line up a bit.
Alternately, try adjusting the color values in the clip tab for the monitor and draw a shape around the monitor but holding out the vase. With any tracking shot in any package, trial and error is key to sussing the best track out.

Thanks, Mary.
So, track the corner of the couch, then place the surface on the computer?
I wasn’t aware you can lock an x-spline to something and place the surface somewhere else.
My first attempt was okay, though with a lot more movement to the surface than appeared on the initial tracking. It needed many adjustments to keep it in place. I’ll tinker with it some more with different settings, maybe try a few different points to track.