Tracking aerial shot over water. I know


So I’m researching the best method to track an aerial shot over water. I can get good tracks when there are objects in the water but I’m curious if anyone has any techniques I’m not thinking of. I’m testing on some stock footage now but will shoot for the final spot I’m making. The goal is to add some wire frame elements into the water as if they live there. From the tests I’ve done I actually get decent results just using After Effects camera but if there other methods out there I don’t know about I’d love to hear about it. Thanks. I’m trying mocha now as well. I’m pretty sure I can’t get good tracks in mocha being that water changes so much.


It depends on what the water is doing.

If it’s low turbulence and highly reflective, there isn’t much you can do, apart from use objects in the water and the shoreline (if there is one).
If the water IS turbulent (i.e waves etc) and you are at a decent distance, this may actually help you as it gives texture to the water. There will of course be drift as the movement changes, but if it is in one direction you should be able to compenstate with AdjustTrack.


Can you share the footage you are trying to work on? That would help. Thanks.


I’m just using some stock footage clips now, kinda random clips that look similar to what we will eventually shoot. I’ve tried open water shots with just horizon, shots with boats, shots with some land in various parts of the shots in the distance. It’s the open water that’s problematic. The other shots I can offset after tracking. I’m assuming this is a common problem and unless I can get some solid textures on top of the water like a boat or something im not gonna get a good track. I have eyed the open water shots in AE and I can get it rather close if not nearly perfect.