Tracking an empty frame

I would like to track an empty fame. My tracking landmarks are on each corner, but it seems Mocha prefers to track the inside.

How can I force it to ignore the inside part and just focus on the landmarks ?

You can do this one of two ways. You can either draw a C shaped spline around the frame only, or you can draw a square and use any “add to x-spline” tool (same spline drop-down but has a + next to the tool) to cut another square out in the center. That should ignore the center space for you.

Thanks Maryp. Second option works great. I still have to figure some tricks (especially for the apply export with corner pin wich is quite mysterious right now for me). More questions to come

Yes, it’s a pretty common question for folks starting out with Mocha. Have you checked out our Mocha Essentials series? It’s free if you watch it without downloading assets. Boris FX | Training Series

I highly recommend getting started with that.