Tracking area of interest immediately moves out the area of interest when I hit the tracking button

Sorry I’m a really fresh beginner. So immediately after designating my area of interest with an X-spline , I’m unable to track it. Basically, the boundaries of my X-spline moves immediately down and to the left of the screen (along with the tracking data it’s highlighting). IS there any way to fix this issue ?

Imgur link to video highlighting the problem: (9.7 MB)

Does your viewer resolution set to Auto or Third? What is your footage resolution?
Try setting up it either to Full or Half, and let us know if that work’s for you

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Hello, thanks for the quick response ! I brought it down to half resolution and it seemed to work for tracking the initial segment . However , during the later segments of the video where the camera pans downwards, it becomes pretty difficult to track the green surface with planar surface tool (even after creating key frames manually). Even by manually adjusting the planar surface tool for each frame, the tracking surface becomes misaligned when I rewind the video.

I have a video clip demonstrating the problem below:

Imgur Link to new issue:

You shouldn’t be adjusting the planar surface every frame, as surface is driven by the track data. In general, if surface looks bad - that means that initial track is bad.
We have a great video that fits perfectly for those who’s just starting out, and that explains the relationship between spline and surface. Please have a look, section from 11:00 might be useful for you Quick Introduction to Mocha AE - Complete Walkthrough [NEW Boris FX Mocha AE] - YouTube

That said, there’s a known bug that having resolution set to Third proxy quality, might lead to some problems in Mocha. Could you try switching it to Full, and start a completely new Mocha project afterwards?

Thanks for the reply, the only issue I have is that the track data doesn’t stay in place when the object I am tracking goes off screen. I’ve already selected “None” under the “Link to Layer” menu selection. I watched one of your videos that highlights this process ( 04c Tracking Tips - Unlink Tracking [Mocha Essentials]) but I haven’t been keep the track data on the object when coming off screen.

If there isn’t much texture to lock onto on the wall, you may find the track will slip. Mocha needs texture detail to track.

Can you post the full source clip?