Tracking B & W 8K

Newbie here, please forgive the naive question.
We’ve created a piece using 8K proxy footage from a Red Monstro.
The finished piece is B & W with mograph, so we’re working with B &W proxy output from Resolve.
Need to motion track (and likely roto down the line) to create 3d camera data for mograph.

Can I use the B&W footage for tracking (ideal), or is there not enough information in the pixels and do we have to go back to pre-cc’d footage to get the best tracking data?

Thanks in advance!

Black and white shouldn’t give you a problem just as long as the sections you are trying to track have distinct textures and you track one plane at a time.

Please let us know if you have any more questions and we will be happy to help you.


Thank you, Mary!
So, your recommendation is to only track one spline on a plane at a time, and not multiple planes?
Might make the workload a bit too long on this side.

Thanks again!

You can track multiple planes at once, but Mocha is a planar tracker, so it tracks one “plane” per track layer. Time will depend on how much you need to track and for what.