Tracking book pages

I have footage of a blank book where the pages turn over, I’ll be applying animated graphics to the pages so they appear to part of the page, so need the graphics to stick to the pages when they turn. What’s the best method for this with Mocha Pro & After Effects?

Well. There’s not a lot of texture on those pages so while I’d say try PowerMesh with a lot of hand correction, you don’t have much to track here. I’d try it. You’ll need holdout garbage mattes for the hands with enough room to grab motion blur for this technique and any other tracking you do in Mocha.

But if PowerMesh fails… And it likely will because there’s no texture…

You might be better off using a Mocha planar track, tracking the edges of the paper, hand animating the turn with manual track, adjusting any problems with adjust track, and using some hand animated warp from the grid warp tool in the insert module and applying motion blur from the insert module.

Then roto the hands and comp them on top, you can also add motion blur to the roto for the hands in layer properties.

Try that and let me know. This is a tricky shot with a lot of hand animation necessary.

Thanks Mary, that’s really helpful!
I’ve already created holdout garbage matts for the hands, so will initially try the PowerMesh and if that doesn’t work, will, as you suggest try the Mocha planner track and grid warp tool.
I’ll let you know how I get on, many thanks again!