Tracking busy screen

I’m trying to track a TV screen, but the screen has something already playing on it while filming. And the motion on the screen is throwing off Mocha when I try to traditionally track it by drawing a [X] tool rectangle around the screen.

And old fashioned 4-point track might actually work (but one corner gets occluded during the shot). I tried tracking each corner with 4 small squares using the [X+] tool. But it jumped around a lot when tracked.

Any ideas how to track this?

I think you should use X tool and X+ tool.X splines outside frame of screen X+ splines inside frame of screen.but not too far.Total 8 splines.

Hi there,

You want to make sure that you cut out the section of the screen thats moving using “add to x spline,” mocha is not made to track four corners like a point tracker, it needs the edges and the screen borders to get a better track.

Try watching this tutorial and seeing if it helps you:

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.