Tracking Complex Movements


I am pretty new to Mocha Pro, and have the Silhouette 2021.5 standalone and 2022 Mocha Pro plug-in. I have been running into issues tracking very complex movement for a “creature” that twists and turns his head and body then jabs an arm right towards the camera. Is there a best practice for tracking body parts that are rotating when yo need to do minor paint work? Example a face turned fully to the left side, to center, to the right side and back again; or an arm that is swinging and pulls back and throws a punch. I did not see any tutorials that covered this.

Hi Ami,

I usually tackle these in pieces. So break up tracks based on motion and create multiple tracked and sometimes overlapping and blended patches.

It’s pretty complicated when there’s a lot of different motion, ultimately it’s a blend of tracking, paint, roto, and compositing.

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Is a best way there a way to link PowerMesh tracks? I have been breaking the segments into pieces. but I am having difficulty maintaining the consistency of the paint edits between the different segments.