Tracking cosmic zoom drone footage

I have some footage that starts with a drone close to a green iPad screen facing upwards that’s being held by an actor. And then the drone camera flies straight up as fast as it can.

The screen gets less than a pixel tall in the span of 10 seconds. And my mocha track gets very unstable well before that.

Any pointers to how to get a successful track with almost all the movement taking place in the Z axis?

Slow down the drone, re-shoot and speed up in post production.

It is completely unrealistic to schedule and budget another shoot.

That wouldn’t solve any problems anyway. The iPad screen still turns into a tiny postage stamp no matter how fast or slow the camera move is. It’s going from billboard sized to postage stamp.

Hi there,

Increase your zoom setting in mocha and up your % of Pixels when you track to 100%, use adjust track to fix any minor errors. But as that zoom is nearly not the same object anymore, you might have to use manual track for those extreme ten frames.

Please try that and let me know.