Tracking Data - Error

Hi there,

my english is crap, but i`ll give it a try:

I am working on loads of short clips. Format is HD 1080p. I need to do some corner pin trackings.

Worked fine with some sd clips.

Now while exporting the data inoticed that the no corner pin points were exported in the text file, it`s only "100 and “inf” and so on…

The file is an hd avi, uncompressed.

I don`t have a clue how this error could occur after i did not change anything in the workflow, which has gone fine with sd clips.

Has enyone expierenxed this before and maybe has a solution for me?

Best Regards

For those who might experience something similiar:

i found the reason for the problem. The tracked object moves out of the screen, i just adjusted the screen-ref points for those frames where the object still could be seen. on some of the last tracked frames the reference points went “mad”, after none of them were on the screen anymore, so those last few frames did not produce any usable tracking data which seems to cause that problem.