Tracking Data Export Feature Missing in Avid

I just installed BCC 2019 on my Avid Media Composer 2018.1 Symphony and “export tracking data” is missing.

Where did it go?

Export tracking data to other systems is a Mocha Pro feature.

Accessing Mocha from a Continuum filter is used to isolate effects with Mocha masking (almost all filters) or to drive specific effect position via tracking (Particle Illusion, Lens Flare, etc).

This chart might be useful to see various Mocha features per product:

If you are looking to export to other hosts, it is a Mocha Pro feature.

To add to Ross’s reply, we added a major upgrade to the Mocha integration for driving effect position in Continuum 2019. In older versions of Continuum you had to export the Mocha tracking data to a file (using the button you were looking for) and then re-import that data back into the Continuum Motion Tracker. But in Continuum 2019 you can directly access the Mocha tracking data to drive point pickers without the need to first export to a separate file. Check out this 5 minute video summarizing how to use the newer tracker integration in Continuum 2019.

Boris FX | Continuum 2019: Point Parameter Tracking Powered by Mocha

Thank you for your responsiveness and sharing the video! It completely clears thing up and answers my question. Perfect!