Tracking Date to Corner Pin (potential Bug)

It’s probably a bug, but when i try to export my tracking data to corner pin or power pin, Mocha Pro uses the date from another mat in the same tracker.
I can manually copy the Date it created to power pin and it works.

The standard Plugin works like a charm.

edit: current mochaPro Version in After Effects

Is the wrong layer selected when you try to export the data?

You have to create the tracking data from your proper layer and THEN apply the data. You have to do that every time you need to apply different Mocha layers to different AE layers.

Mocha Pro creates the correct data. I can manually copy it to the pin and it works. But when i use the “apply export” button it uses my occlusion layer data.

in the screenshot you can see where the pins are supposed to be.

Right, but are you hitting the “create tracking data” button before you export inside the plugin?

I first click “create Track Data”
then “Apply export”

OK, we will run this by @martinb and see if we can track down the bug.

Ah! You’ve found the very elusive same-state export bug. We’ve been trying to narrow this one down for a while, but it’s proving very difficult to catch on reproduction as it’s only turned up in 3 reported cases so far.
We suspect the host is occasionally catching the previous state even though it’s been asked to update based on the new data.

The best way we’ve found to eliminate this is to copy the effect to a duplicate of the same layer and remove the old one.

Do you run any third-party scripts or plugins aside from Mocha? This might help us narrow down where the state is getting caught.

The only script is the fx console from videocopilot.