Tracking fail

Hi, im pretty new to mocha and i apologise in advance!

I keep getting the tracking terminated error, it say the images are too dark or not similar enough.

What does this mean?


Hi there,

It means Mocha can not find the texture on the next frame because the image becomes too dark to find the texture or the texture it has found is not similar enough. Try making your search area bigger and see if that helps you.


Thank you Mary! This was super helpful! Your course is great, and I was albe to increase the search area and solved the problem!

Also one more thing Mary. I am watching this video 01a:
Boris FX | Training Series

I do have a different argument. I noticed that in most of the later frames, the tablet has no reflection. Moreover, Mocha looks at all the other frames of the spline to determine texture. Therefore, I was able to use the same big spline that covers the entire tablet - but only start tracking much later in the video. By doing so, I was able to achieve the same effect!

This is a win for me, and I jsut wanted to share. Thanks!