Tracking from a car mounted camera


Apologies if this has already been asked but I can’t find a similar example anywhere.

I’m working with some footage from a car mounted camera driving down a road, I’m trying to create a 3d camera solve by tracking stripes on the road, signs on the street etc so that I can place a ‘racing line’ on the road in after effects cs6.

I had high hopes as the camera solve was at 95% and the logo placement in Mocha looked spot on, but after copying across the data I’m having all sorts of problems. Anything placed on the road in the AE project will behave erratically, and won’t stay flat to the surface.

I think the problem may be that the camera is moving over a fair distance and so there’s no constant planars to track to, so it’s just a series of different planars.

Anything at all to help would be very very appreciated as I’m starting to lose hope!

Hi Sami,

Are you tracking a bunch of different lines on the road at once? Or are all your track lines on the same plane? Because you need to solve for the overall plane, not all the tiny track lines. If you solve for the road you can then hook up a lot of smaller surfaces to the track lines as 3D guides. The 3D solver is only going to be as good as the track itself.

I’d really need to see the project to see what is going wrong here. You are welcome to email it to me.