Tracking Green screen hand that rotates

I have Version 8.0.2 build 95
I have a green glove on my hand that rotates back and forth a couple of times.
I want to key out the green screen and replace my hand with a 3d object, whether here or blender, not sure yet. My problem is I can place a shape around the glove but the front and back go out of track and come back into the shot multiple times. I know I can set in/out points on layers to track only certain frames, but how do I track 1 shape and set multiple in/out points so when they come back into view it tracks again?
I know this is a difficult ask, but hoping someone can help or walk me through or send me a link to a youtube video that might help. I have seen setting in/out points on tracking on one of your videos, but not setting multiple in/out points for same track.

Animate the shape off the screen and on again, this is the best technique for needing multiple in and out points.

So so to make sure I understand what you’re saying, since my hand doesn’t actually go off the screen it just rotates, I should animate the mask until the one part goes off camera and just pull the mat off the screen and then pull the mat back onto the screen when the object comes back in frame?

Yes, just animate shapes on and off screen where you need them to cut in and out. It’s best practice to do this with roto anyway because then if you export the shape data it will read correctly in every single host we export to that supports splines.

Once you have your last good shape location, make a keyframe, jump one key ahead, animate the shape offscreen. Before you need to animate it back on, find the frame before the next place your shape comes back onto screen, and make a keyframe. The keyframe after that you can start to adjust your shape onscreen again.

Thank you so much for your response. I will try that and let you know how it goes.

So I reshot the shot, ha, so my hand stayed more center in the entire shot. I put xpline markers around the inside of the hand. I have up to Perspective ticked and sometimes only up to skew (or shear) ticked and track away. When I put the planar surface and the planar grid on at the beginning, it is aligned perfect and runs fairly smooth until my hand turns away from the camera and then starts to come back, that’s when it all goes wrong. I can move the xpline back into place frame by frame but then the planar surface and the planer grid go totally out of whack. It’s very hard to explain. Would I be able to share the video clip from my Gmail Gdrive with you so you can see what I’m looking at because it’s a rather large clip and I don’t think I can email it?

I don’t think I need to see it. Try using manual track instead to find the right place on the hand and track from that location back offscreen and then back to your manual frame and following the motion in the other direction. That should sort you out.

I am a little confused about the planar grid and planar surface. When i put it on the shot, it tracks perfectly as my hand turns one way, but when it turns back facing forward its not straight anymore. If I adjust the grid, does it have any affect on the tracking because if it doesn’t, how do I know my track will face forward if the grid is off? If that makes sense.

The grid tool (pink/purple) just follows the surface, it’s a visualization tool, it won’t change anything. If you mean the grid warp (light blue) that is different and can be animated.

Just make sure the surface is on.

Just so I am perfectly clear on this, sorry for asking just want to make sure I understand this program completely, when I put the grid warp (light blue) onto the surface to follow along with the x-pline points, when make a change to it, the grid warp, that data along with the x-pline point data gets transfered over to AE when I save? Just want to make sure I understand you.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I do not want to have to reshoot this and I really want to learn as much as I can about this amazing program.

No. I just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing. You seem to have several tasks you are trying to do with this shot. Keying, roto, tracking in 3D, and object replacement.

The grid warp is for the insert module in Mocha Pro. Not for roto. It won’t change the spline, it just does a pseudo 3D warp on a corner pin. I just wanted to make sure we are talking about the same grid because sometimes users get these two things confused. (Sounds like you don’t need to use insert here).

PowerMesh will change the spline in Mocha Pro if that’s what you’re looking for. But it doesn’t sound like it is.

But neither of these things will translate to 3D motion, only 2.5D pixel manipulation rather than obj manipulation.

For 3D, your best bet will be tracking the background if the camera is locked off and then camera solving with pan tilt and zoom. Then you can track your hand with everything including perspective and export that as 3D data. If you don’t have two non-coplanar planes you can’t solve for any other type of handheld camera motion and this is moot.

But for roto you don’t really need to track anything past shear.

Hope that makes sense.

Yeah, I am not sure we are on the same page here. My camera is on a tripod. I want to key out the green glove I am wearing after I track my hand that turns and rotates in the shot and then replace the green glove once it keyed out with a 3d element so it moves with my hand. So when you say camera solve, are you talking in after effects or mocha Pro?

I am talking about Mocha Pro.

Are you using Mocha Pro to solve for the 3D track?

Been trying them both. I get a “cant solve for single image “ error type message in pro for some reason.

Are you trying to solve with a background track first?

Are you talking about placing an xpline or box or something on a piece of wall or something stationary first and track that to end of clip first? Then no.

Yes, exactly that.

You can’t camera solve for a moving object. You must use a stationary one.

Once you solve for that object then you can track the hand and select the new tracked hand and export the 3D data without re-solving for 3D.

So I went to track a picture behind me on a wall, placed an x-pline around the edge and hit track. About 20sec. in, it gives me an error “Failed to set up temporary image”. I am using Mocha pro 2021 version 8.0.2 build 95. Can i do this is regular Mocha?

Did you run out of texture to track? You have to use Mocha Pro for camera solves.

No, it was a just a plain picture, nothing fancy. I was using pro.