Tracking Gun Muzzle issue

Mocha keeps failing to track this Gun Nozzle

Can you please show us the surface plane? First thing that I would suggest trying - turn of GPU acceleration in Preferences and restart Mocha&Host and see if it helps.

Here is the video showing the surface plane etc.

Because of the low detail in the object, it’s going to be quite hard to track accurately.

Do you need to track this for roto or for accurately tracking something to the gun itself?
Knowing this will help determine exactly how to approach this.

In the meantime, you can try a few things to track this more accurately, but there’s low detail in the gun so it’s harder to find what texture to track:

  1. Track the stock of the gun instead. there seems to be more detail there. You can then link a new shape to the top of the gun since they move on the same axis. It won’t help where the strap obscures the gun, but adding an additional shape toward the end might help.
  2. Manual track when the tracking no longer sticks. You’ll need to position the surface exactly where you want it, then use the manual tracking option to position the surface center point which creates tracking keyframes.

If you’re doing this purely for roto, however, then you can just track what you can, then manually refine the roto spline.

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Thank you i’m looking into all this right now. I’m trying to understand also what the adjust track feature dose or is really intended for .

Can you really explain to me how manual track and adjust track really works?

If you can provide the footage I can show you directly on your shot if that helps. You can DM it to me if you don’t want the source public.

Do you have to track this in Mocha? It seems to me that a simple one point track with a traditional tracker would serve you better in this case.