Tracking Help

I’m working on a student film and was handed this clip to track. Is there someone that can give me a few pointers or can take a crack at tracking it? I can provide hi-res tiffs…We are working in 2k…And I wasn’t on set to supervise :confused:
Thanks for your time

You can also use a simple roto spline in the layer above the track to hold out the thumb from the track. This is a super straightforward track. However, if you have any slippage, you will want to use adjust track.

This looks like it requires a straightforward tracking procedure - simply start tracking on the frame when the screen (tracking) area provides itself with the clearest view.
Prior to reaching the frame where the hand cuts into the tracking area, you will want to adjust the tracking spline such that it does not include the hand. Hopefully the tracking spline covers a sufficient area to allow for a clean track.