Tracking hyperlapse issue

I’ve been trying to stabilize a hyperlapse of about 220 photos or so and im running into a few issues. Here is the link to the 5 second hyperlapse, stabilized in Mocha Pro.

The first issue is that there are many lampposts that pass in front of the building, and the little “jumps” in the video seem to be caused by Mocha’s stabilization data being interfered with by them. Is this correct? Whats the work around? Do I have to create a mask around every lamppost to tell mocha to ignore them?

Secondly, im not quite sure what to select with my spline. Because the lapse starts from one side of the building and ends on the other, I don’t really have a consistent set of data points to choose from, which also means I cant exactly go to the Adjust track panel and set my master frames.

When stabilizing, I decided to unlink my track from the main layer because there were too many errors occurring mainly due to the shifting nature of the lapse in itself. Where should I draw my spline? How do I transition from one side of the building to the other?

Sorry for all the questions - and hopefully I was clear enough.

Try tracking translation, scale, and rotation only. And just move the spline around to objects you can track. You don’t need to mask out the lamps if you move the tracking spline instead of masking them out.

Try that and let me know if it works for you?


Hello Mary,

Yes! Thank you. That worked well.

Would you have any advice for walking hyperlapses that have no consistent set of points continuously visible in the frame? Im walking through a winding path in a forest and im not sure what to select as im getting errors every time I create my masks.


You will probably want to again, limit how much you are tracking, like translation, scale, and rotation only. For walking THROUGH a shot, track from the very end to the beginning, not the start to the end; this is very important, it keeps the surface tool from coming through the screen plane and messing your track up.

Also, use the layer properties link to track and set it to “none.” This will leave you with a spline you can move but you don’t have to worry about the spline moving with the track, it tracks everything that moves underneath the spline like a scanner.

Lastly, if you’re having trouble finding the tracking data increase your pixel range, angle, and zoom parameters in the track tab to widen your search area. It will take longer to track, but if the hyperlapse is too fast, it will make it more likely for Mocha to find the tracking data again.