Tracking info not being applied

Hey guys,

So I’m new to Mocha. I followed along with the tutorials but came to a stop when my tracking data was applied properly to my “solid layer” in after effects. The motion has been tracked perfectly and shows as keyframes in the tracked video. However not in the layer I’ve applied the export too.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to remedy this?



1st, precompose your footage and move all the attributes into the new composition, and trim the comp to the footage. That will solve a lot of problems.

Next, have you seen our tutorial on aligned surface and mismatched resolutions? Boris FX | Mocha: Align Surface & Mismatched Resolutions

That might also help. Let me know if that solves your issues and I will be happy to help you if it does not.


Hi Mary,

thanks for this. The Align surface helped but only after I started again. Something else was bugged but I got it working now.