Tracking insert offset issue

I’m using AE CC 2023 and Mocha AE 9.0.4. I’m tracking a moving mobile phone and inserting a video into it. I’ve followed many of the tutorials on Boris and also Surfaced Studio about how to insert a video into a tracked plane surface. The video I’m inserting was taken on a mobile phone, and the composition and aspect ratio is 1080 x 1920. The video I’m inserting the new video was also filmed on a mobile phone and the composition and aspect ratio is 1920 x 1080.
Here’s a screen shot of the Mocha screen track and plane. It was a difficult track, and I used multiple shapes and ‘Adjust track’ to get it right. Looks great in Mocha.
Tracking offset issue in Mocha 1

In AE I followed Surfaced Studio’s instructions, made the insert video fit the composition, pre-composed that, and then exported the Mocha tracking data and inserted that using ‘Corner Pin (supporting motion blur)’ and exported it to the new pre comp. All good but it is offset. The insert tracks perfectly but is just offset as per below.

I’ve done the same with other footage from the same shoot (but easier tracking), and the insert fits perfectly, and is not offset.

Any suggestions welcomed :smile:

Are you using “Classic” AdjustTrack or the Transform AdjustTrack? If you are using “Classic” mode there is a bug in v9.0.4 that doesn’t correctly transfer the data. This has been fixed in the most recent version.

Which specific build of After Effects 2023 are you using? Are you on the very latest (23.3.0)?

Hi Martin,

Greatly appreciate your prompt response!

For the difficult tracking, I used the “Classic” mode as per Mary’s tutorial, and didn’t realise my version of AE required an update. I’m now upgrading to v12.3.0 of AE and will see how I go. Hopefully the data will transfer correctly now.

The footage insert used in the simpler tracking shot, and that works well, was done in “Essential Mode”. Will let you know how I go.

Hi Martin,
I’ve upgraded AE to 12.3.0 and Mocha is running 9.5.6.
I’ve opened the AE project, and the composition with the Mocha tracking on it. I opened Mocha and all the tracking data looked good. I saved the Mocha file, went back into AE, created new ‘Track Data’, and exported it to the pre comped video, but the offset is still the same.
If the issue was a bug in the previous ‘Classic AdjustTrack’ module, as I now have the new version, I’m wondering how I can fix this without having to re-track everything again - which is very arduous and time consuming.

PS I’ve just reopened Mocha and played the tracking layer in both ‘Classic and Essential Modes’ to enable a fresh cache? (I think). Back in AE, creating new track data is certainly different, and it’s taking significantly longer to “update”, so fingers x’d.

Unfortunately nothing I’ve done so far is working to fix the offset.

Hi Martin,
I’ve re tracked in both updated versions of AE and Mocha, and still getting the same result. Is the bug in ‘Adjust track’ still there?

Are you able to send the project to us?

Hi Martin,

Sure, that would be terrific. I’ve collected all the relevant files and footage. What’s the best way to send it … ‘WeTransfer’ to your email address?



Yes, that’s fine. You can either DM the link here or send to martinb [at] borisfx .com

Many thanks Martin for sorting this out! Great support!

I’m also having this same issue, and I’m updated to the latest AE version 23.6. I originally tracked in “Classic” mode, but I completely started over with a new iteration of the Mocha effect and tracked in “Essentials” mode, but I still get the same issue. When I create the tracking data from the Effect Controls panel in AE, the little UI circles appear in the correct spot on my footage. BUT, when I apply my transform data to my Null layer, it offsets the position way off the comp- probably 1000s of pixels to the right/bottom.

Of course I figure it out just after I post this! I didn’t realize I had scaled my footage down to 50%! Now that I have it at 100% and filling the comp frame, it’s working as expected.