Tracking instantly goes off screen

How come when I outline sections to mask and track, they instantly jump completely off screen to the top once I hit track? I basically have to manually track everything when trying to use mocha tracker inside Silhouette now. It didn’t used to do this in the last version.

I tried perspective and shear on and off and does the same thing.

It also moves my other masks on the same layer off screen with it, even if I lock them to not be changed. Am I supposed to have every single mask on a seperate layer? I didn’t have to do that before and don’t see that being done in the tutorials on youtube.

If I put them outside any layer seperately, they disappear and I can’t find how to make them visible…or they’re deleted for some reason, it shows if I make a brand new mask, but it just auto adds it to previous layer even though not selected.

Update, I can’t even manually track new ones. They also automatically fly off screen instantly. it is making me pull everything back frame by frame and not even averaging them out when I put start and finish or mid way back into place…something it still trying to force every frame off screen.

Also, similar to last issue but a bit different…what is the reason for this? and how do I fix it? Because the mask is shooting off screen to infinity and no way to recover it, even if deleting points ahead of it and trying to start over…

The first issue the entire mask shoots off screen as if the subject went off screen but they aren’t.

Can you provide a link to download the footage and project and I will be happy to take a look?

Yeah…I just have to find where these are saved…