Tracking issues causing frame by frame roto

Good morning/evening all,

I’ve been working on a video for a personal project, and pretty much every instance is requiring tracking and masking. After a week of dealing with frame by frame roto, I’ve decided to see if maybe I’m just being a noob and missing some vital steps.

So, for example, I have these two hands as seen in the picture, one of them I’ve finished, and the other is half way done. All I’m trying to do is track the hand, and it starts off fine. But by the middle, every tracking frame makes the layer require constant fixing. If I attempt to track the whole clip, it ends up with an error near the middle as if it can’t find the hand that is blatantly right there. Right now I’m getting the error just after a few frames.
When I check the planar grid and tool, I can see that it is having a problem with the hand when it moves in a weird way. Unfortunately the hands start being shaken for the 2nd half of the clip(its my 5 year olds hands, and I start shaking them), so each frame is kind of drastic in it’s change. Below are examples of how the tracking changes between frames.

Here is an example of the tracking going crazy. As you can see from the timeline I"ve still been having to do it frame by frame. Below is tracking forward one frame, making me stop and fix it every frame.

Hi there,

I have a few suggestions for you. Step one is turn off GPU tracking, I have seen that when there’s trouble with the GPU on my own machine. Restart Mocha and the host if you’re using the plugin and try again.

Next, if those fingers move at all, you do not want to track every finger and hand in the same shape. Split them up by what the planar motion is doing. We call this “paper doll style” rotoscoping. A good rule of thumb is to split things up at the joints. I’d say excuse the pun but I am absolutely not sorry. :wink:

Try that and let me know if it works better for you. You also might get better initial tracks by tracking a little bit outside the fingers and hands and then refining the roto after the track is complete.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


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Thank you for the suggestions. I’m actually disappointed in myself for not remembering to seperate the whole thing into shape layers cause I’ve been trying to do that based on everyone else I see in videos.

Is it smarter to get the layers created and track them all together or deal with them individually?

Easy mistake to make if you don’t roto a lot. You might just track the back of the hand and link all the tracks of the fingers to that if there’s not a lot of finger motion. If there is a lot of finger motion, then go ahead and track fingers individually.

I would only track two or three shapes at a time.