Tracking issues in a stop motion clip

Hello everyone.

Me and my teammates are working on our graduation film and we need to track live-action eyes on the face of a puppet.

We are using Mocha on AE CS6

I post here a reference from the short film “seven minutes in the Warsaw ghetto”

We saw a lot of tutorials about this type of track but when we do it, it didn’t work:

-the corner pin didn’t follow the marker in the stop motion clip

-the eyes clip didn’t fit the stop motion clip even though they have the same resolution and pixel ratio (it didn’t follow perspective deformation and position)

-Our head for test:

If you have some hint for resolve this issue please reply :slight_smile:

Thank you


Hi Bartolomeo,

Is the surface tool following the eyes in the mocha project? If not, let me know! It might just be a bad track. If it’s not a bad track, make sure your resolutions and frame rates match in AE and mocha, including in the “footage interpretation” in after effects.

Otherwise, check this tutorial for workflow: Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions